Trial Flights (single or 3 flight package)

This gives you a either a single flight or three flights with one of our instructors to get the thrill of a winch launch and the sensation of silent flight followed by the landing. The three flight package will give you more opportunity to try the controls of the glider. Flight time is solely dependent on the weather conditions but should be between 6-15 minutes each.

Group Bookings
Discounts are given for groups of 10 or more and there is free use of a barbecue with 'self-service cooking'. In the summer, evening sessions can be arranged for group visits. Day time bookings can be made by special arrangement.

One Day Course
You will spend the day within a small group on the course, and have five flights with one of our instructors, taking turns to fly. The first flight will familiarise you with the thrill of a winch launch, and the sensation of silent flight followed by the landing. This is followed by four more flights during which you will be given the opportunity to take the controls of the glider. We also encourage you to participate in all the other activities on the airfield.

Family and friends are welcome to join you on the airfield, and these are experiences not to be missed!

Flying Solo
The length of time that it will take before you are able to fly solo depends largely on your own aptitude and the amount of time and effort that you put into your gliding. As a club member you will be given a training log which you should bring with you every time you come to fly. This will be filled in by your instructor after each flying session. It is usual for you to have completed between 50 and 100 launches before you are sent to fly solo, and you will remain on 'checks' for some time after that to ensure that you are up to solo standard on the day you fly.

Flying your own glider
Some members prefer to buy their own glider, but, more usually, a like-minded group of members form a syndicate and purchase a glider between them, sharing both the flying, upkeep and insurance costs. Shares are sometimes available in gliders already on the site. Most gliders are stored in trailers and can be rigged and de-rigged in about 15 minutes. Trailers may be parked at the Club and may also be taken to other gliding sites on holiday.

The cost of gliding
Gliding is less expensive than most people imagine. The initial cost involves a modest joining fee and the first year's membership fee. You pay for each launch plus your flying time, which is only a few pence per minute. When you fly your own glider you only pay a launch fee.

Most gliding clubs are members of the BGA (British Gliding Association) and have a reciprocal membership scheme whereby members may visit other clubs and pay a small daily membership fee and then fly at club rates.


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