Channel Gliding Club
Channel Gliding Club
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Learning to glide
 Learning to glide is not as difficult as it may sound. If you can drive a car then you will probably be able to learn to fly a glider. The length of time it will take will depend on your ability and how often you are able to fly. It is better to fly as regularly as possible so the lessons you learn and practice stay fresh in your mind.

Your will start by learning how to use the glider controls to change the airspeed and how to turn and come out of a turn. These are the essential skills you need to be reasonably proficient in before then learning how to launch, fly a circuit and land the aircraft. 

 Channel Gliding Club is affiliated to the British Gliding Association (BGA) and adheres to its standards of instruction. The Channel Gliding Club instructors have undergone BGA approved training so will teach gliding in a consistent way. 

Joining a club 
 If you want to learn to be a glider pilot then the best way is to join a club like Channel where you will be made to feel welcome and will be part of like-minded team of enthusiasts and will learn all aspects of gliding and flying operations. 

For young people learning to fly a glider at a gliding club will teach teamwork and self-discipline and this will develop self-confidence and maturity. The minimum age to fly solo is 14 provided all aspects of flying the glider are safe and of a high enough standard. 
Going solo 
When you have been trained in all the exercises and the instructor is confident you are safe he/she will send you solo – this is a day you will never forget! For a few weeks you will need a check flight before you fly solo each day and then you will come off checks.

You will need a proof of medical fitness before you fly solo. This could be a driving licence or self-certification. The club will advise what the minimum standards are. 
Buying your own glider 
If you want more independence you can buy your own glider or join a syndicate where you will share costs. Gliders can be expensive but they can also be remarkably cheap with some being available for under £5000. You will need to budget for insurance and annual maintenance.